ERMP Press Release

Raleigh, NC

January 23, 2015

Eno River Media Production announces 2015 slogan “Change Equals Opportunity!”

ERMP is launching a media push this week to tout North Carolina’s consistent ability to produce movie productions and television programming.

ERMP will use a variety of media platforms — including web, television and movies in order to push its “Change Equals Opportunity!” campaign. ERMP has submitted press releases to print outlets in the North Carolina markets to promote its status as the leading nonprofit organization promoting the independent television and movie industry in North Carolina.

“We wanted to promote the movie and television industry at all levels of media to include web, blog and outdoor.” said ERMP Board of Director’s President William Vatavuk.

“ERMP clearly strives to champion the growth of the movie and television industry in North Carolina.” said ERMP Executive Director Anthony Dowling.

“We believe in the power of advertising and importance of the arts in our everyday lives,” Dowling said.

About ERMP

Eno River Media Production, established in March 1999, is dedicated to educate, facilitate and advocate the growth of the movie and television industry in North Carolina.

ERMP will accomplish this mission by educating, facilitating, nurturing and uniting independent North Carolina film and video makers, allied industries, civic and governmental organizations by propagating a network of industry professionals.