In an effort to honor excellence in cinema, the Cape Fear Independent Film Festival is proud to announce a new category honoring Female Filmmakers.  The award committee for this film is being headed up by Karen Labbe, former winner of Best Local Film for her short “When Nicole Meets Oliver”.
“It’s no secret that men are in majority in the film industry.” says Labbe. “But I know there are women out there working hard too and I wanted to direct the spotlight on them and applause their tenacity, audaciousness and creativity.”
Labbe is among a number of filmmakers lending their talents to this year’s festival after having their work previously featured.  “It says a lot about the spirit of the festival.” says Organizer Rich Gehron.  “The festival has always been about helping filmmakers organize and celebrate one another.  Having a former award winner help organize efforts to acknowledge and bring attention to other female filmmakers is something we’re very proud to get behind.”
“It is also very interesting to me to see the contrast between a man and a woman’s perspective.” says Labbe.   “The way they explore different subjects and point of views.”
The award will become an annual fixture in the festival’s award ceremony which includes the Don Payne Screenwriting Award which honors excellence in screenwriting which will be selected by Simpsons Producer Joel H. Cohen.
The award is sponsored by The Wonder Shop in downtown Wilmington to represent creative women. Established in 2011, the Wonder Shop offers a fun mix of vintage and new clothing and shoes.  The name is in honor of the original Wonder Shop, a Wilmington staple in women’s fashion since the 1940s. ‘We like to think we’re just carrying on the tradition,’ says owner Kelsey Gibbs. The Wonder Shop specializes in personal styling on the fly with an attentive sales staff to offer suggestions for your wardrobe needs. ‘We see the Wilmington film industry as an honorable asset to our community. Many of our customers are connected with the industry, from wardrobe stylists to actors. And they all frequent our neighboring shops, too! This is an exciting opportunity to encourage and support our local filmmakers.
The actual award itself will be handcrafted by ‘Kids Making It Woodworking’ and feature a glass ‘drip’ re-purposed from fiber optics production at Corning, Inc.  “We’ve always worked hard to support local filmmakers.” said Gehron who quipped “It’s only fitting that the award is locally made as well.”
Filmmakers interested in submitting their film for consideration can submit via the festival’s website at or through the WithoutABox festival submission system.  Deadline for submission is March 1st. 2014.
For more information regarding the Female Director Award, contact Karen Labbe at