Just a reminder that Eno River Media Production turned 15 years old on March 29th of this year.  A wonderful milestone.

ERMP has had over 600 volunteers in that time.  Over a 100 television episodes were produced and aired!  To date we have produced 16 movies.  The list is amazing when you think that all this was completed by volunteers.

I love it when folks come back into the area after being gone a while, check out the website and contact me amazed at how we have grown and matured.  I give credit where credit is due – our awesome volunteers!!

In 2010 ERMP changed our mission to advocacy for the growth of the television and movie indutry of North Carolina.  This year has seen our resolve tested on that front.  ERMP members have been in the halls of our legislature buildings representing the many video production businesses that operate full time in North Carolina.  We will continue to represent these folks and hope the efforts will grow our section of the industry.

Thank you for being a member, and please let me know if we can help on any project you are working on.

Thank you and have a grand year!!

For the Board of Directors and Senior Staff;

Anthony Dowling
Executive Director