Raleigh, NC.

On January 14, 2015 Eno River Media Production announced the 2014 Cardinal Vendor Certificate recipients.

The Cardinal Vendor Certificate is given to North Carolina companies in recognition of outstanding service to the North Carolina movie and television industry and Eno River Media Production as a Vendor of Choice for 2014

The following companies are the 2014 winners of the Cardinal Vendor Certificate:

Gabriel Vilsaint                        UGV Productions

Toron Rodgers                         NINE25 PRODUCTIONS

Film Department                     Living Arts College

Steven Grove                           Golden Apple Music Production

Tony Adams                             Adams and Associates Government Relations

John Kearns, Jr:                      John Kearns, Jr Productions

Bob Morrow, Publisher:        Triangle Arts and Entertainment

Stewart Nelsen:                       Secondsonfilm

Aravind Ragupathi:                 Zoning Media

Patrick Manss:                         Manss Interactive Media

VistaPrint, USA                        VistaPrint, USA

Anthony Dowling, Executive Director of ERMP states; “Our sincere appreciation extends to each of these companies and their staff for their dedication to the movie and television industry of North Carolina.”