Festival Director David Godshall,

It gives me great pleasure to announce the NCFA 2015 Fall season award winners.

The North Carolina Film Award’s mission is to strengthen the independent film, television and video industry, identifying and recognizing an array of talented filmmakers and their movies from across the state, region, nation and the world.

The vast number and amazing quality of the submissions was truly humbling and we would like to thank all of the submitting teams for sharing their work with us.

The winners in each award category truly deserve this honor.”


Founder’s Award – Our most prestigious award

Board of Director’s Award – Our award for superior effort

President’s Award – Our award of distinction


Founder’s Award Winners:

I Am Sami

Directed by: Kae Bahar


Everything Will Be Okay

Directed by: Patrick Vollrath


Foreign Body

Directed by: Christian Werner


The Bathtub

Directed by: Tim Ellrich


Till Then

Directed by: Benjamin Wolf


Goodbye Papa

Directed by: Hendrik Maximilian Schmitt



Directed by: Paul Meschùh


My Luchador

Directed by: Shea Sizemore


Natural Attraction

Directed by: Marc Zimmermann


The Cabinet Decision

Directed by: Mayan Engelman


The Universe In Us

Directed by: Lisa Krane


We Could Have, We Should Have, We Didn’t…

Directed by: David M. Lorenz


Blue Borsalino

Directed by: Mark Lobatto


Eva Nová

Directed by: Marko Skop


Exit Right

Directed by: Rupert Höller, Bernhard Wenger


In Seven Days

Directed by: Holger Schumacher


Lost And Found

Directed by: Claudia Seibl


Metube: August Sings Carmen Habanera

Directed by: Daniel Moshel



Directed by: Chris Moraitis



Directed by: Erica A. Watson


The Run

Directed by: Stefan Najib



Directed by: Lina Roessler


Board of Director’s Award Winners:


Directed by: Andrew Stacy Huggins


He And She

Directed by: Marco Gadge


Level Of Care

Directed by: Julia Peters


My Enemy, My Brother

Directed by: Ann Shin


Other Madnesses

Directed by: Jeremy Carr


Promise Me

Directed by: Kevin Machate


Road To Perdition

Directed by: Yaser Talebi


Battle For Sevastopol

Directed by: Sergey Mokritsky



Directed by: Susann Hoffmann


Of Her I Dream

Directed by: Katarina Gellin


The Old Man And The Cat

Directed by: Damian Schipporeit


The Right Person For The Job (La Tête De L’Emploi)

Directed by: Wilfried Méance


11 Years

Directed by: Simon Begemann


The Chicken

Directed by: Una Gunjak


The King Next Door

Directed by: Isa Micklitza


We Can’t Live Without Cosmos

Directed by: Konstantin Bronzit


Araneae Dei

Directed by: Maxine Fone


One Million Steps

Directed by: Eva Stotz


Force Of Nature

Directed by: Steffen Boseckert



Directed by: Konrad Bogusław Bach


Dancing In Circles

Directed by: Kim Strobl



Directed by: Paramnesia Films


The Way You Die

Directed by: Manuel Vogel


About Art, My Family And Me

Directed by: Johannes Bachmann


Cherry Cake

Directed by: Silke C. Engler



Directed by: Luca Zuberbühler


One In

Directed by: Vasha Narace


The Ballad Of Ella Plummhoff

Directed by: Barbara Kronenberg


The Descendants

Directed by: Yaser Talebi


The Treatment

Directed by: Marvin Meiendresch



Directed by: Moritz Krämer


The Fantastic Love Of Beeboy & Flowergirl

Directed by: Clemens Roth


The Problem Of The Fastest Flight

Directed by: Philipp Käßbohrer


The Sea Was Calm

Directed by: Pablo Schulkin


Wednesday 04:45

Directed by: Alexis Alexiou


Letter To God

Directed by: Maria Ibrahimova


Sry Bsy

Directed by: Verena Westphal



Directed by: Johannes Bachmann


Lost In The Living

Directed by: Robert Manson



Directed by: David Victori


Coming And Going

Directed by: Tianlin Xu


L’Chaim! – To Life!

Directed by: Elkan Spiller


President’s Award Winners:


Directed by: Kenneth Sanabria Jiménez



Directed by: Tim French



Directed by: Chris Livingston



Directed by: Laura Taubman


Travel By Feet

Directed by: Khris Cembe


Blue Blue Sky

Directed by: Bigna Tomschin



Directed by: Kai Stänicke


Grey Space

Directed by: Jordan Rosenbloom


J.C. Hopper Custom Menswear

Directed by: Chloé Deaton


Backstage Of Tradition

Directed by: Sarah Yona Zweig


Keeping Balance

Directed by: Bernhard Wenger


There Is Music In The Air

Directed by: Tim Bosse


About NCFA

The Mission of the North Carolina Film Awards is to strengthen the independent film, television and video industry. The NCFA shall identify and recognize an array of talented filmmakers and their movies from across the state, region, nation and the world. Features and shorts, are welcome at the North Carolina Film Awards, bringing in the widest array of artists from different disciplines.

The North Carolina Film Awards draws motion pictures and talent from around the world to North Carolina, one of the top movie and television producers in the United States. Our awards will identify the top achievers in their category. Every producer and director hopes to create an award winning movie. To a worthy cadre of independent industry craftsman, it is our honor to bring these hopes to fruition.

About ERMP

Eno River Media, established in March 1999, is dedicated to educate, facilitate and advocate the growth of the movie and television industry in North Carolina.

ERMP will accomplish this mission by educating, facilitating, nurturing and uniting independent North Carolina film and video makers, allied industries, civic and governmental organizations by propagating a network of industry professionals.