Eno River Media Production announced on Tuesday September 15th, 2014 that Todd Johnson was awarded the prestigious Carolina Lily Certificate for Acting.

Mr. Johnson has been an actor on Eno River Media Production projects since ERMP’s founding in 1999.  Todd’s years of loyal support and outstanding acting ability earned him ERMP’s most prestigious acting award; The Carolina Lily Certificate for Acting.

Todd Johnson is an actor and editor, known for Blank Surfaces (2000), 4 Dead Girls: The Soul Taker (2012) and Satisfy Me (2007).  Todd is working out of Los Angeles on independent films, student films, feature roles on various T.V. series, and voice overs.

Anthony Dowling, Executive Director of ERMP states: “I have been looking forward to presenting Todd this award for months.  Todd’s years of experience in the industry help ERMP develop close relationships with industry companies in North Carolina and California.  It is through these new industry connections that the good work of advocating the growth of the television and movie industry in North Carolina takes place.  His years of loyalty earned him the Carolina Lily Certificate for Acting.”