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Subject:  ERMP Congratulates Tony Adams Lobbyist

On Tuesday August 25th, 2014, Eno River Media Production’s Board of Directors and senior staff announced their congratulation to Tony Adams for being ranked as one of the most influential legislative lobbyists in North Carolina during the 2013 – 2014 legislative session.  Tony was only one of 16 lobbyists among 856 lobbyists and governmental liaisons registered with the North Carolina Secretary of State who have been rated among the most influential lobbyists in the state for at least six of the past seven legislative sessions, from 2001 to 2014.

The rankings are compiled by the North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research, based on a comprehensive survey of legislators, registered lobbyists and members of the Capital Press Corps.

Mr. Adams worked directly with William C. Vatavuk, President of ERMP; Anthony Dowling, Executive Director of ERMP; Patrick Manss, Director of Communications for ERMP; and John Demers, ERMP Film Incentive Project Director.  Tony worked to advance and transform the movie and television industry of North Carolina through various state sponsored programs. He worked with coalition partners and impacted aggregate industries across the state to push for positive measures on state level movie and television industry issues.  With the final version of the 2014 state budget’s approval, a Film Grant Program was established, continuing on the proud tradition of film and television production in our state.

“Through my years of experience with the outdoor advertising industry I have been privileged to work with many business and industry leaders, including the film and entertainment industry. During that time I have seen firsthand how valuable the entertainment industry has become to the economic vitality of our great state, through the creation of jobs and economic growth, both at the state level and in local communities throughout North Carolina. I believe strongly in the mission of Eno River Media Productions in helping the movie and television industry grow throughout the state, and look forward to being a part of that effort,” said Tony.

Tony L. Adams is the founder of Adams and Associates Government Relations.

With Tony Adams’ legislative guidance, ERMP will continue to network the film and television industry of North Carolina into a vibrant and growing sector of the state’s economy.

About ERMP

Eno River Media Production, established in March 1999, is dedicated to educate, facilitate and advocate the growth of the movie and television industry in North Carolina.

ERMP will accomplish this mission by educating, facilitating, nurturing and uniting independent North Carolina film and video makers, allied industries, civic and governmental organizations by propagating a network of industry professionals.

About Associates Government Relations

Tony L. Adams, the founder of Adams and Associates Government Relations, has for the past 14 years been the executive director of the NC Outdoor Advertising Association. Among his chief duties Adams served as the legislative lobbyist for the NCOAA. From 2000 through 2013, under his leadership the billboard industry was highly successful in achieving its legislative goals, and Adams has been rated among the most influential lobbyists in North Carolina five out of the past six legislative sessions, based on surveys of legislators, fellow lobbyists and the press conducted by the NC Center for Public Policy Research.

Before becoming director of the NC Outdoor Advertising Association in 2000, Adams worked for 15 years as the director of Partners of Wake County, a mentorship program for at-risk youth that was used as the model for the statewide Governor’s one-on-one programs.

Adams majored in political science at the University of North Carolina and is married to Judy M. Adams, the former manager of the Junior League of Raleigh’s Bargain Box thrift store.