House of Cards season two raises the bar yet again, something I personally didn’t think was possible after the series’ season one debut. Frank Underwood(Kevin Spacey) continues his reich as he pursues his self-righteous endeavors destroying any and everyone in his way.
Going into the second season I had a pretty good idea of what would likely happen…Boy was I wrong. The series takes the viewer on a roller coaster of emotions, with surprises lurking around every corner. Season one set the bar with a cast that just seemed to fall into their roles seamlessly. The actors all seem to go in different directions in the second season, with stories that tied together in a spider web of cerebral stimulation. As in season one, it is difficult to understand every angle on the first pass.
As Frank tries his damnedest to fulfill his own agenda, he finds it progressively more difficult as the flow of information runs out of control just as Frank is drawn further and further into the spotlight. Frank’s pursuits remain relatively linear, while the peripheral stories take jaw dropping turns.
The writers have done an outstanding job with this series, by maintaining an aura of suspense around nearly every character. It is unusual for a series to survive with so much going on, in so many places concurrently. House of Cards defies this norm. With incredible storyline, beautiful cinematography, and what has proven to be flawless casting, House of Cards is nothing short of spectacular.
The cinematography was nothing less than what I had come to expect after watching the first season which exceeded anything before it. As far as criticism, it is hard to say anything negative. There were a few scenes with negligible color correction, which is minimal considering the majority of it’s audience would never notice the minute discrepancy.
Normally I am one for spoilers, but I don’t believe I could do the series justice with my writing, it is worth every second spent watching. Netflix has truly outdone themselves, House of Cards is a 21st century cinematic masterpiece.

Cinematography: 5/5
Acting: 4.5/5
Post-Production: 4/5
Writing: 5/5