This installment of what is shaping up to be yet another horror movie franchise brought to us by the folks who gave us Paranormal Activity, The Purge and Sinister. In that vein, this movie was not quite as frightening as the prior installment (Insidious 2), however, as this is actually an origin story one should expect more story instead of cheap scares. This story begins with Quinn, a teenage girl, with aspirations for an acting career after high school. She is at a crossroads in her life and seeks answers that she believes only a mother can give. She lives with her overwhelmed and unprepared grieving single-father, (Dermot Mulroney), too tied up in his need to continue to be the responsible breadwinner while leaning on Quinn to assist him with taking charge of helping to care for her adolescent brother. Despite this burden being placed at her feet, she continues to yearn for a pathway to communicate with her dearly departed Mother. She seeks out Elise, (the medium from both Insidious 1 and 2, for help.) Elise, reeling from the death of her own husband, reluctantly agrees to help due to her past experience with the Lambert family from Insidious 2. Prepare yourselves for a decent backstory of the big bad Ghostie in this one dear readers. This was not a jump out of your seat type of thriller, but the acting was very well done. There is a good deal of explanations of “The Rules” pertaining to the afterlife and “The Further” explained by Elise ( Lyn Shaye) to the family of the tormented teenager. Basically, when you call out to a dead loved one, you may be answered by something far more evil and insidious. Dermot Mulroney’s turn as the “end of his rope” Dad, played pretty convincingly I might add. I give this one two thumbs up for a solid plot line and convincing acting. There were not many “jump in your seat” fright scenes, however, but still worth the price of admission. Go see IT!!