Jessica is the 19 year old daughter of Pamela & Kevin Lucas of Roseboro, NC a graduate of Lakewood High School.  Miss Carolina Lily 2014 has appeared in Fashion shows, the Westcott photography magazine, Super Models Unlimited magazine, Pride of Pageantry magazine, Glitzy Girl Magazine, Lifestyles magazine for the Fayetteville Observer and has written an article for Glitzy Girl magazine called “Teen Trends”. Her acting skills have helped to get a part in a movie promo called “Death of a Vampire” and “Awakenings”. She has shot print work for multiple movie roles as well.
Miss Carolina Lily 2014 will be the official spokesperson for Eno River Media Production.

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Mission Statement:
The mission of the Miss Carolina Lily Talent Pageant is to promote health, fitness and inner beauty among women of all ethnic groups while producing positive role models for the community; to develop women that will promote self-confidence, self-worth, moral, academic and social support for our youth; and to recognize and support sustainable green initiative within our state.
Why a Green Initiative Pageant?
Champions of the Green Movement advocate the sustainable management of resources and stewardship of the environment through changes in public policy and individual behavior. In its recognition of humanity as a participant in (not enemy of) ecosystems, the movement is centered on ecology, health, and human rights.
Eno River Media Production projects promote and support, through a variety of media, North Carolina’s unique arts community, non-profit organizations and the positive entrepreneurial spirit found in diverse communities throughout our state. Our name propels our organization to follow a green sustainable program where possible in our industry. With each of our projects, ERMP’s purpose is to strengthen and promote the entertainment industry. A well run and locally managed pageant highlighting the green movement can achieve both goals.
History of the North Carolina State Wild Flower: Carolina Lily
North Carolina designated the Carolina Lily (Lilium michauxii) as the official State wildflower in 2003. This spectacular wildflower grows throughout North Carolina, from the forests and hills of Cherokee County to the coastal swamplands of Hyde and Pamlico Counties.
The stem of the Carolina lily can grow up to 4 feet high and can have up to 6 flowers at the summit (1-3 is more common). The flower petals are brilliant red-orange with brown spots and curl back to overlap.
The Carolina Lily grows throughout the southeast, from West Virginia to Florida, blooming as late as October (though most blooms are seen between July and August).