The plot of this, the latest installment of the Jurassic franchise is basically a little more of the same formula involving an over blown theme park, meant to bring the Jurassic period to the masses. Prepare yourselves for a few shock and awe moments and some Really Really big dinosaurs! Throw in a few archetypical characters that include: a mega rich billionaire, a mad scientist and a quasi-military dude, looking to exploit the dinosaurs as some sort of military application for advanced weaponry. Our Protagonist has the unpleasant task of being required to remind those three idiots what can go wrong when you play with fire. There are a couple of kids in danger..again.. and the obligatory family member played by Bryce Howard, are charged with the task of coming to the aid of the youngsters lost in the park somewhere with the resident dangerous dinosaur. Sound familiar? All in all, pretty predictable, albeit entertaining. “Cheap entertainment” but I say everyone needs a little mindless, cheap entertainment sometimes. If that’s what you are looking for… Jurassic World is definitely the film for you. I suggest you go see it in 3D.