Hello all: Thanks so very much for all of you to come and work on this remarkable piece. Each of you where able to bring the best in performance, enthusiasm  and technical knowledge to piece together this historical piece. I’m so glad each of you did your part so well and your wonderful contribution shows up great on the footage as I reviewed them today.

It has been a journey for almost three-years for me. I’ve thought that this project may never get done. But with all your patience and blessings, this project has come together so very nicely. Each of our historians and reenactor has  shared with me some of the most incredible stories of the Civil War. I’ve gained so much knowledge by just listening and processing all the information that I have encountered to portray each role and motivation as accurately as possible. Thank you for all your patience and time to share these stories and help me tell the same in the best authentic way.
Special thanks to John and Diane at the Bennett Place. John has been a great collaborator and a supporter of this movie. His experience in working in such great movies like ‘Glory’, has given me so much insight into the Civil War story-telling aspects. And, Wes for being there every moment of time to answer my questions and procuring such rare items to show them on screen. And, also I want to thank our reenactors David, Jonathan, Robert and Neal (Neil) for doing anything and everything to make the shots work.
Thanks Matt and Dave for sticking together as a family as we bring this story along.  Jeff for completing their destinies in the most powerful way. And, thanks so much to Al, Glenn and Will for jumping in with full enthusiasm in the last minute and delivering such great performances for camera.
Rob and Hannah, cannot thank you both enough for being there to support me personally and contribute to this historical piece. Jonathan, it’s wonderful to see how far we have come along since we first met 3-years ago filming the same movie. Paige, May Happy Returns. You are wonderful, and thanks for being with us on your birthday. And, thank you Carson and Patrick for helping every moment of time and helping finish this movie.
Anthony, you have been a great supporter of me for a long time now. And, you are a great supporter of Indie cinema. Your support was and will be very crucial in taking this movie to the big screen. I appreciate everything you have done to see this project completed and released. Lets work together, finish the movie and show it to the world, very soon.
Kindest regards,