So far this year, the North Carolina film industry is on track to eclipse what it raked in last year.

Just six months into the year, the North Carolina Film Office has seen $268 million in in-state spending and nearly 19,000 job opportunities. Last year, the industry pulled in $254 million from more than 60 productions.

According to the North Carolina Film Office, more than 40 productions have filed “intent to film” forms as of July 15.

Some of the production in the first half of the year includes TV shows “Under The Dome”, “Banshee”, “Sleepy Hollow” and “Secrets & Lies”. Feature films include “Max”, “The Longest Ride” and “Untitled Armored Car”.

But even though the industry numbers show strength, some companies are wary of the changes coming to the film office, with the privatization of the North Carolina Department of Commerce, which the film office is part of.

With the 25 percent film incentive set to expire in January 2015 if not renewed, proponents of the film industry are hopeful.

“The film incentive is a driving force for us,” says Allan Smith, executive producer of DreamQuest Productions, recently relocated to Cary from Los Angeles. “The better the incentive, the better it helps the bottom dollar. We hope North Carolina will keep the incentives going. If they cut back too far, the larger studios will go to Atlanta.”

By Dawn Kurry