We are half way there!!

Today the House released it’s version of the budget for the next 2 years. The part we are interested in is the NC Film Grant section.

The House’s budget calls for $120,000,000 to go to the NC Film Grant Program over the next two fiscal years, $60,000,000 each year.

This is great news. Now we have to get the Senate to not fight that figure, and we are back in business almost to the level we were at in 2013.

I would like to thank House Representative members – Davis; Lewis; Saine; Iler; (Primary)
J. Bell; L. Bell; Carney; Dollar; G. Graham; Hunter; Hurley; Jeter; L. Johnson; Lambeth; Malone; R. Moore; Pendleton; Schaffer; Setzer; Steinburg; Waddell; Wray;

Specifically, the Primary folks pushing for this legislation are Rep. Davis, Lewis, Saine and Iler.

All the Representatives worked tirelessly to capture back the momentum the Incentive Program was developing.

I would also like to thank Tony Adams, the lobbyist who has also worked tirelessly to convince the other Legislators that our industry was worth saving. He has been on the ground fighting for us for 18 months now. He is a remarkable individual. Eno River Media is fortunate to have him as a voice in the Legislature.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the budget as it goes through the Halls of Power in Raleigh.


Anthony Dowling