Pacific Rim

Yes, Mr. Del Toro! Yes!

Do you like robots? Do you like giant robots? Do you like giant aliens? Well, you wouldn’t by chance like giant robots fighting giant aliens, would you? Well that is EXACTLY what this film is. Giant robot on alien action and it is all shades of awesome. It is definitely a surprise punch to the face. To be honest, on the surface the premise seems too big to be good but this film shows that bigger is always better.

Pacific Rim is about giant interstellar aliens, kaijus, that attack Earth through a portal in the Pacific Ocean and the humans build colossal robots, jaegers, piloted by two people to combat them. It stars Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day, Robert Kazinsky, Max Martini, and Ron Perlman. It is directed, co-produced, and co-written by Guillermo del Toro. Travis Beacham co-writes with him.

The story actually centers around a pilot, Raleigh Beckett (Hunnam), who loses his brother co-pilot in a kaiju attack. To pilot the massive jaegers two pilots must neural link with each other, their minds and memories shared, so that they can share the overwhelming load. He loses his brother to the kaiju attack while connected to his mind so he is traumatized over the event. He meets Mako Mori (Kikuchi) who is Beckett’s new co-pilot to pilot the jaeger Gypsy Danger in the resistance against the kaijus. Mako also experienced a traumatizing attack with a kaiju but when she was much younger. So the two have something in common which grows into a subtle love relationship. They have this one thing in common which is centered around kaijus but that’s it. The two are just too different to end up with each other so easily. I had a real problem with the love part of the relationship. However, they are great pilots together.

I also had a major problem liking Beckett’s character. He was somewhat of a downer crybaby, always reminding the audience of his dead brother.  I also could not stand the wishy-washy attitude of the crewmembers. They welcome Beckett, they cheer on Beckett, they hate Beckett, and then they love him again. There was some corny dialogue as well but its something that is expected in a sci-fi movie like this.

Other than those tiny little details, I thoroughly enjoyed the film. I loved Charlie Day’s character as the jittery fast talking kaiju scientist. It was a great fit for him. But lets get to the point here, the Giants. The jaegers were awesome. I had to warm up to the concept of piloting them but I saw that it worked. I loved the Russian jaeger, Chemo Alpha. It looked so retro and typically Russian. I loved their piloting suits as well. I loved them all. The Kaijus were amazing as well. I love the big fat one and the fight it has with Gypsy Danger in Hong Kong. Gypsy Danger will win your heart as the little engine that could and it could kick some butt!

The thing that really gets me with this film is the revival of the giant monster movies and the potential to see more giant robot films. Godzilla is set to come out next year. It certainly has quite an act to follow. There are already talks from fans wanting to see a live action film from the Japanese animation Evangelion, which has a similar story premise. Personally I want to see a Gundam film, made! Whatever the case, this film is evidence that these big films can be made. See the film to believe it for yourself. If anything you will be very entertained!