A producer speaking at a Los Angeles panel to discuss the movie industry said Atlanta-based film crews lack experience and passion.

Variety quoted Ellen Schwartz of Black Label Media remarking on the state of Georgia’s newly robust filming industry, which is growing due to tax incentives:

“Schwartz also noted that there’s a lower quality among crews in incentive-heavy states such as Georgia because of their lack of experience. ‘That’s my biggest problem with chasing incentives. In Atlanta, this is all new to them. They have no passion and they think they know it all.’”

Black Label Media is among the production companies associated with “The Good Lie,” a movie starring Reese Witherspoon that filmed partly in metro Atlanta.

The Variety report did not make mention of that project bur rather “Midnight Rider,” the film on which second camera assistantSarah Jones of Atlanta was working when she was killed on a Jesup train trestle. Jones’ parents recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit naming musician Gregg Allman, the film’s subject and one of its executive producers, along with a long list of individuals and entities associated with the project.

Both Schwartz and another producer speaking at the conference stressed the importance of set safety, and said film crew members should always feel that they can raise safety issues without fear of losing their jobs, Variety reported.