Rep. Susi Hamilton claims Republican leaders in the General Assembly have changed their tune on some economic development incentives, but not the tax credit program that lures film production to the state.

The Wilmington Democrat made the point during a House finance committee meeting Wednesday as lawmakers debated a bill that would give the Secretary of Commerce $20 million to help attract businesses to the state.

“The question is, if they have changed their policy on incentives in North Carolina, then we need to be fair to all industries, particular industries that are already employing people in North Carolina,” Hamilton said in an interview.

Hamilton has called on lawmakers to extend the film tax credit set to expire at the end of the year. The compromise budget drafted by House and Senate leaders would replace the tax credit with a $10 million grant program, which some industry officials say is inadequate.

Rep. Ted Davis (R) said Tuesday that he is working on a “better” film incentive option, although he wouldn’t elaborate when asked if that meant providing more funding for a grant program.

By: Justin Smith