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But before we get into queries in SAL and publish guides, let`s explain a little bit about how this system works. Well, if you`ve made it this far, it`s because you already know about SAL INSS and you may need help making the system work. If you don`t already know, enjoy this content as it can be useful at any time. If your case really requires late contributions and it helps you retire, pay attention to what needs to be done in the SAL INSS system to issue the GPS. As a rule, this system is only covered if the taxpayer leaves after applying for the pension or other social security benefit and receives information that has a period without contributions, which is a real “bucket of cold water”. The Social Security Guide is how individuals contribute to the INSS. The Social Security Guide is a document generated by the INSS system to allow the employee to pay. Understand below how to issue the calculation of the Social Security Guide and the forms of contribution thereof. SAL is a very intuitive system divided into three modules: here we try to guide those who have consulted the INSS or lawyers and are sure that they will have to issue GPS and pay late dues, but still do not know exactly what the INSS sal is and how to use this system. The system allows you to emit more than one GPS at a time, if so, fill in the other fields according to the period during which you did not contribute.

At Sal, you can issue the late social security guide. The process is the same. You can access the legal accrual accounting system via the INSS website. You must issue and pay for the Social Security Guide after registering as a taxpayer with the INSS. If you are the employer, you can also issue the Social Security Guide through this system and pay the employee`s contribution. But even for these cases, there is a solution that can save the citizen: make the payment of contributions retroactively. And it is precisely at this stage that the sal inss, the system for calculating arrears and saving the taxpayer`s pension, comes in. Of course, no one wants to come into retirement knowing that they will have to work more hours or pay late contributions, but that is no reason to go out and make payments with the GPS issue. The last screen before leaving for the GPS output is where you enter the data for SAL to calculate the due values. The statutory accumulation system (SAL) aims to calculate the social security contributions due, whether or not they are late, and refers to companies and assimilated persons, public institutions, individual taxpayers, special insured persons, domestic workers and volunteers. So if you have any questions and want to know more about this topic, please contact us and resolve your impasses.

Keep in mind that the mistake in this area can be costly. Plus, with the help of the accountant, you get more security and time to focus on what really matters to your business: growth strategy and commitment to providing the best service or product to your customers. If this deadline is exceeded, the tax office must therefore go to an INSS agency from the 16th of each month. Other points to consider are benefits such as tickets and alimony, which also affect the calculation and affect the social security guide. For legal persons, the due date is the 20th (twenty) of the month following the jurisdiction. The due date is always anticipated if it occurs on a non-working day. The calculation of the Social Security Guide begins with the total gross amount of salary, taking into account discounts and benefits. In this way, it is part of payroll management.

Below, you will understand the forms of contribution that you can register with the inss. After registering with the INSS with a contribution, you must create and pay for the Social Security Guide. Even if you are an employer or taxpayer as an individual, you have access to Sal to create and calculate the Social Security Guide. According to the calculation of the Social Security Guide (GPS), payment must be made through lottery houses (limited to R$1,000), contracted banks, correspondent banks or direct debit. In return, the individual taxpayer, the one who acts autonomously without employment, such as application drivers, day labourers or janitors and who pays the INSS via GPS, can pay any late collection, regardless of the period. He will therefore only be able to receive this benefit if the contributions are late, and thanks to SAL, he will know how much he has to pay. In SAL, it will also publish the Guide de la sécurité sociale (GPS), through which it pays the sums due. The calculation of the amount owing in the GPS has been done automatically since 2015 and can be done in two ways: through the Taxpayer Service Centre (Central 135) or through the institution`s website. Don`t waste time, click here and master everything related to the INSS. Have you ever thought about working your whole life and knowing when you retire that you didn`t contribute to the INSS for the time it took to apply for Social Security benefits? It is also important to note that the minimum payment of the guide is R$ 10.00 and if the amounts to be collected are less than this amount, it is necessary to wait until the amount can be accumulated.

This is a very complex issue and full of reservations. You can lose a lot of money and time if you don`t do quiet research. After selecting the appropriate module, a screen will appear asking you to obtain information from you, such as name, category and PIS/PASEP/NIT number. Complete these fields, type the text in the Security module box below, and then click Confirm. Voluntary insured persons are persons over the age of 16 who have no income of their own, but who still wish to contribute to the INSS. Examples of these taxpayers include housewives, the unemployed and scholarship holders. Once you have selected how you wish to register for the INSS, you can register via the INSS website. To register, you will need certain personal information. Calculating GPS, a Guide to Social Security, is a challenge.