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The staff of the North Carolina Film Awards are much honored to announce the opening for submissions of the Spring 2015 North Carolina Film Awards. The submissions period is from May 01, 2015 through June 30th, 2015. These are the categories – both in short and feature – Action/Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Drama, Horror/Science Fiction and faith based. If you are interested, please submit now. We appreciate your efforts in the arts and hope to herald your praises in the future.

Accepted films are eligible for the following awards in their category:

• Founders Award – Our most prestigious award
• Director’s Award – Our award for superior effort
• President’s Award – Our award of distinction

Each year awards are given in these three categories. Awards are given by Eno River Media and are judged by industry professionals. In each category there can be multiple winners. There is no stated limit to the number of winners or finalists in any given category. The entries do not compete against each other, but rather they are judged based upon a “high standard of merit”. The North Carolina Film Awards draws motion pictures and talent from around the world to North Carolina, one of the top movie and television producers in the United States.