Swiss Army Man, starring Daniel Radcliffe, and Paul Dano.

Paul Dano’s character (Hank), opens the film while attempting to commit suicide due to being marooned on an island somewhere off the Pacific Coast.  While he stands there preparing himself for the final plunge at the end of his rope, (both literally and figuratively), he spies Daniel Radcliffe’s character, (Manny),an apparent corpse washed up on the shore.  He thinks at first this is his savior, and learns, however that in fact this is a corpse.  Manny eventually saves the day due to his decomposing bodily functions that include extreme and explosive flatulence that allows him to escape the deserted island onto the coast of California.  The plot will appear a bit far fetched, but this film will take you on a journey of self exploration, self analysis, self awareness and at the end the self actualization one finds and slowly realizes that perhaps any life lived is worth living, no matter what disappointments you are met with along the way.  Life is what you make of it. Period.  Prepare yourself for some funny dialogue that borders on the sublime and at times the ridiculous.  Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe are masterful in their roles.  I recommend this film as an alternative to the explosive blockbusters out there right now.  Put on your thinking caps dear viewers, it will be well worth it believe me.