Streamlined Policies for 2015
As a member driven organization, it is very important for us to continually strive to make our policies as open and easy to follow as possible. With that in mind we’d like to announce some new policies for 2015 that we hope you all will appreciate:

1. Cablecast forms are one and done!
Last year we instituted a policy that cablecast forms had to be handed in every six months. This year we are making it even simpler to get your show on the air – all you need to do is hand in one cablecast form when you begin broadcasting and you are done! As long as your DVD or DVD sleeve has the appropriate info on it, you are good to go for the life of your program. If you have a current program on the air and you have handed in a Cablecast form in the past, you are all set!

2. Personalized classes
The days of waiting for a class to “take” based on size are over. Beginning this month, ALL classes at TPC & DCM are scheduled specifically for you.

3. Personalized Orientation
In an effort to accommodate potential new members, orientations, like classes, are now scheduled on an individual, personalized basis.

4. Free iMovie class for all members
If you are a current member or a new member we will be running FREE iMovie classes once a month. The class will run the second Friday of every month, 5-6pm. You must RSVP for the class at least one week beforehand by giving us a call or emailing Ivan at

We sincerely hope that these changes make your membership experience more enjoyable.
And look out for some more exciting news coming soon!