ERMP Press Release

Anthony Dowling, Executive Director for Eno River Media Production, headquartered in Raleigh, NC, announced Thursday morning the new members of the Board of Advisors for Eno River Media.

The following members of the Board of Directors will transition to the Board of Advisors effective May 21, 2015.

Bo Dodson
Board of Advisors

Bo Dodson was born in North Carolina in 1957. He graduated from Eastern Alamance High School. His career guided him into the employ of a large utility company where he is able to work within the Real Estate Office.

Bo has always been intrigued by the movie and television industry. He has been a producer for many documentary and educational shorts.

Mr. Dodson has a great yearning for knowledge and the arts. His passion for film, television and video is only surpassed by his care for his family.

Bo joined ERMP in Spring of 2010.

Jason Damico
Board of Advisors

Born in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1994. Jason attended and graduated as a Homeschooler under the North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education in 2012.

This multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter at 15 years old became the youngest member of the Duke University Jazz Ensemble under the direction of John V. Brown, Jr. A recipient of the 2010 Best Overall Musician Award from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington Music, voted 2011 Carolina Youth Artist of the Year and Song of the Year Semi-finalist Winner, child prodigy Jason Damico has shared the stage with jazz and blues greats such as: Vincent Gardner (trombone), Ray Codrington (trumpet), Kevin Mahogany (vocals), Jason Marsalis (drums), Joe Chambers (drums), Monty Alexander (piano), Big Daddy Wilson (vocals/guitar) and Claudette King (vocals).

In 2010, while still in high school, for the purpose of creating a platform to introduce his original music to a live audience, Jason formed his first band known today as Jason Damico and the New Blue. New Blue’s current members include: Joel Sugarman (bass/back-up vocals), Kevin Boxell (drums/back-up vocals), Jason Damico (guitar/lead vocals)and an occasional guest appearance by Jim Ferris (saxophone).

He then attends William Peace University where his focus is Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Management and Leadership.

Jason enjoys playing, singing, songwriting, recording and producing music for himself and others. To date, Jason Damico Music has produced “For You” (released February 10, 2010) and “Represent” for C.M. Represent (released September 4, 2011). In 2013 he recorded two blues/rock CD’s and is presently working on his third CD in the same genre.

Jason joined ERMP in 2014.

Eric Barstow
Board of Advisors

Born in Manhattan, New York in 1975, Eric followed his family to Henderson, NC when his step father retired. Eric attended and graduated from Northern Vance High School in 1994. He then attended Vance Granville Community College where his major focus was liberal arts. By his second year at the Community College, Eric had garnered a love of film and the art of creating film. Eric had taken a trip to New York City to visit an old friend and during that trip he had the opportunity to visit a film school. It was in that setting he fell in love with the “study” of film.

During his college days, Eric took every opportunity to work in film and acting but considering he was located in Henderson, NC, his access was limited to some local plays. Eric then caught the theatre bug which is still with him today.

Eric had written and staged a play about Harriet Tubman, and during the casting he met his future wife, Jessica. Eric has always believed that with so many good things happening to him in the industry, he was destined to be involved with film and acting for the rest of his life.

When Eric was approached by his Pastor of the Mount Zion Christian Church in Henderson, NC to help out with the TV Production of the Sunday Sermons, Eric jumped at the chance. It is in this electric atmosphere that Eric has created his technical and visionary skills.

Eric joined ERMP in 2002.

What is a Board of Advisors?
A board of advisors is a small group of people which meets periodically to offer advice and direction to a company. Members of the board of advisors do not usually have a share in the company, and they do not bear legal responsibilities for the company’s actions. Generally, small and startup firms use a board of advisors so that they get a firm footing in their market, and people on the board are chosen on the base of expertise and prestige.

About ERMP
Eno River Media Production, established in March 1999, is dedicated to educate, facilitate and advocate the growth of the movie and television industry in North Carolina.
ERMP will accomplish this mission by educating, facilitating, nurturing and uniting independent North Carolina film and video makers, allied industries, civic and governmental organizations by propagating a network of industry professionals.