If you are taking in a movie to take a journey, well folks, this movie delivers. Prepare yourself for a film that intends to leave you with a sense of inspiration, ingenuity and hope for all mankind. The story unfolds with a young teen with big dreams, and a big dose of brain power to help her achieve her aspirations for space travel. Due to the crumbling NASA space program, she finds herself in a bit of trouble which ultimately leads her to a curmudgeonly hermit/genius/scientist (Clooney). Prepare yourself for a bit more violence than you would normally find in a movie with this rating. There are robots (Artificial Automotons) who are the bad guys with the goal of preventing our protagonists from achieving their goal of getting to Tomorrowland and thus saving all mankind from its downfall. Climate Change, optimism, dreamers with ingenuity to help all mankind is the underlying theme of this film. It seems at times that you are watching two movies (think back to Men In Black and Terminator) Bad guys getting what’s coming to them with the use of some interesting weaponry and the threat of mankind’s downfall due to poor pro-activeness pertinent to climate change. This film was a bit predictable and a bit over blown but the message is clear and heartfelt. At the very least I felt inspired after leaving the theater, maybe you will to. Go see it! I give it three out of five stars.