Eno River Media Production is an organization composed of very creative, loyal and dedicated people hoping to improve themselves and their community through advocating the growth of the movie and television industry of North Carolina.

ERMP wants your participation to be fruitful and advantageous to you and our organization. We believe that communication between each of our members is paramount. Please take a few minutes to review the many pages of this website that describe ERMP, our history and culture. We know that the more you know about our virtual organization, the more you will be able to contribute immediately to the area you are most interested.

ERMP is a virtual organization. We have no office or studio. Our staff coordinate the activities of our organization from their homes and we utilize pubic access TV studios in Durham, Chapel Hill and Raleigh, NC on rare occasions for any type of production needs. Because we are virtual, communication between members is vital. The more you are involved with ERMP events, the more you help shape our organization and our industry.