We’re ALL IN This Together

On October 1, the community came together at “Hollywood’s Night Under the Stars” to celebrate 95 years of MPTF. The festive evening was filled with heartfelt performances that honored those served by MPTF, those who support the organization and the communal nature of our industry.

“We are launching into the future in recognition that we are truly ALL IN this together.” – Yvette Nicole Brown

That evening, actress and NextGen Board Member Yvette Nicole Brown announced the launch of the ALL IN movement, which calls upon all members of the industry to come together to raise significant funds and awareness for MPTF programs and services. The ALL IN mission is to make sure that everyone in the industry knows that we are a resource for them. We should all recognize this basic fact: We take care of our own.

You can take an active role in helping us to reach the ALL IN goal by following these simple steps:

  • Make a gift. Help us to sustain health and human service programs that serve nearly 4,000 industry members each year.
  • Share the message. We want everyone to know that MPTF is here in times of need.
  • Share your story. We want to hear about your experience with MPTF.
  • Share your time. Become an MPTF volunteer.

Thank you for joining ALL IN! By making a gift you help to ensure that MPTF will continue to be a resource for those in need.

Make a contribution and see highlights from the 95th event.

Learn more about the HISTORY of MPTF and the IMPACT of your gift.