The legislature is out of Raleigh, but, the jury may not be out on economic incentives, including those supporting North Carolina’s film industry.

The City of Wilmington and New Hanover County leaders plan to write to Governor Pat McCrory, asking him to reconvene the legislative session to make a final decision on economic incentives.  Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo says this is a bigger issue than just film; he wants to protect job development grants, which incentivize companies to bring their business to North Carolina:

“The bigger debate that’s going on at the state legislature is, Do we do away with incentives in general?  And I think that’s the concern that the governor has as well as the Secretary of Commerce because they’re competing directly against South Carolina, against Georgia, against Louisiana, Tennessee, Virginia.  And without that tool in the governor’s tool chest to be able to recruit businesses and companies into our state, we don’t stand a chance.”

Mayor Saffo says he wants the legislature to reconsider a streamlined version of HB 1224, which addresses such economic incentives.  He says the passage of the bill is vital in securing the creation of a large manufacturing facility that is considering Brunswick County for expansion.

By Isabelle Shepherd