Hey everyone,

First, I want to state upfront this will be the one and only time you get an email like this from me.

Second, yes that means I’m asking for something. I’m not very good at this sort of thing and there are people way better at it then I am but this occasion it falls to me. So here goes. By the way, some of you will know a lot of this, some a little and some none at all. I will try to be very brief, quick and succinct.

Since 2008 when I made my way back into the world of film directing, from a long tangential journey, one of two goals was to film a feature length movie (the other goal was providing jobs for locals in NC).

During this process we’ve created a body of work (seven short films, two music videos, several tv/internet shows) and, hopefully a reputation, that speaks to our seriousness to the work required and dedication to the art form. In 2011 we began work on this feature. Laying groundwork by finalizing a script, creating a business plan that SCORE called one of the best they’ve seen in 20 years, making contact with other local businesses we intended to hire during filming and many other things.

In 2013 we aggressively decided to launch, full force, into seeing everything through. We began to try to stake a claim in the area news and word of mouth. We’ve created a website that contains a rather large amount of information concerning the feature film “The Endless Whispers.” We’ve shot three of eight schedule backstory “featurettes” to reveal a little about each of the many characters in the full feature.

We’re creating radio shows, original artwork, stories, a timeline that reaches back 30,000 years, a language (yup we’re creating our own

language) and so very much more to make an all encompassing, immersive world to give the fans and the investors something to be excited about.

This is why we need your help. Everything up to this point Bombshell Studios has funded because it is not yet part of the actual budget for the feature. We want to shoot three more of the featurettes in December.

To this end we have a Kickstarter site. I’m not going to include the direct link here, you can reach it by going to the front page of www.theEndlessWhispers.com. While you’re there if you want to check out the Kickstarter site, that would be fantastic.

My request is this. If you like what we’re doing with the Kickstarter campaign and think it’s worth pledging that would be fantastic. But if you can’t pledge, please share our info with friends. Word of mouth is definitely the key to getting us where we need to go and your individual help in this way would be priceless. And while you’re looking make sure to watch all of the UPDATES as well. Members of the cast and crew are getting in on the act and have actually made their own support videos.

It’s pretty cool. Especially because every one of them has been a surprise to me.

So that’s it. I really appreciate you taking a few moments to read this.

Please, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.