Cardinal Vendors
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Eno River Media chooses several businesses annually that contribute substantially to projects conducted throughout our year.  These successful businesses do not exist in isolation. They must endeavor to enrich the community in which they live.  They understand and are responsive to the societies in which they do business. They communicate a sense of belonging to their neighbors.  Art is a form of communication, and the arts express the ideas of society in which they are produced.

It is in and through the arts that a community views its past, speaks about what matters to it in the present, and envisions its future.  One cannot pursue culture as one can happiness, because culture determines the boundaries of the kind of life one might regard as worth pursuing.  Eno River Media thanks these chosen businesses for their enthusiastic support of the arts and especially our recent projects.  Without their direct support, our projects would never happen.

We appreciate their hard work and generosity on our behalf.  Eno River Media is pleased to identify these businesses as an Eno Vendor of Choice for this year.  May these businesses continue to succeed and, by example, encourage others to pursue and support the arts!