Over the last ten years, Eno River Media has assisted my organization with critical thinking and strategies consulting sessions. When it comes to digital media production, Eno River Media has had a huge part in the company’s success. ERM has taught us the importance of networking, communication and making big ideas come to life.
Wes Haynes

Music Consulting Group

Eno River Media is one of the best media companies out there. I have worked with them for at least 15 years and they are consummate professionals. Eno River Media has always stood proudly behind its professional brand. RICH-ENT is an independent music recording label and has always been encouraged by Eno River Media with endeavors we set out to do. Thank you for being there for us, the smaller guy, who needed the professional guidance.
John Worley


I was fortunate enough to work with Eno River Media as a makeup artist on several short films. Everyone was very professional and knowledgeable. It was a very rewarding experience and I look forward to working with them on future movies.
Judy Betz

NC Makeup Artist

The production team at ERMP is a pleasure to work with, top notch, knowledgeable professionals.
Steven Nelsen

Video and Sound Editor, SecondSon Film

Eno River Media helped me realize my dream of directing my first short film. Without the great volunteers of ERM my dream would have never been realized.
Calvin Roberts

Eyesight Film

Eno River Media and their Leadership Team has been a tremendous support in our efforts to rebrand our organization’s image.
Robert Deljeutice

CEO - Apparition Paranormal Investigation

I have worked with Eno River Media for years. Their advocacy on behalf of the independent film and television industry of North Carolina is solid. Eno River Media helped my nonprofit during our startup phase. I will always be thankful for that.
Eric Dione

CEO – Eastern Exotic Wildlife Foundation

Eno River Media supports independent filmmakers of all kinds across North Carolina. I met the Executive Director at a film festival and that relationship resulted in my company collaborating on an multi award winning short film. I highly recommend Eno River Media and greatly appreciate them helping me create new work.
Andrew Huggins

NC Filmmaker

My experiences with Eno River Media have always been very positive. Their work ethic is always impeccable and movie sets always professional. I highly recommend Eno River Media for any project and look forward to working with them in the future.
Jeff Briggs

Award Winning NC Actor

“ERMP has cast many of our talent in their productions and we have had great feedback about their professionalism and wonderful quality of these projects. Best of luck and continued success to ya’ll.”

Anne Greene

Talent One

Eno River Media, through its many years of service to the people of Raleigh and the surrounding area, have consistently exhibited professionalism, and a complete passion for quality productions. In addition, their willingness to partner and learn from any and all who can benefit from their services set them miles apart from the mainstream production ideals and exhibit an original and refreshing attitude that makes them a value to the community they serve.
Josh Johnson

Local Filmmaker

Eno River Media have been good friends to my company for years. They have helped us promote various events and film projects. We appreciate their advocacy work with the Legislature year after year!
Mike Davis

CEO - Uptone Pictures

Eno River Media is a truly professional organization with outreach in North Carolina and the surrounding states. Eno River Media has helped the movie industry grow for over 20 years. As an entrepreneur, they have been invaluable help and have been wonderfully supportive. I cannot say anything better about Eno River Media.
John Stamey

Southeast US Event Coordinator

“ERMP is unique in the sense that the organization strongly promotes the interests of its business allies. In essence, ERMP’s corporate vision is dedicated to promoting the best possible opportunities for the artists and crew in our entertainment industry. ERMP seeks to understand and apply the benefits cooperative networking can accomplish for everyone involved with video production in the state of North Carolina.  This sets them apart as leaders from the rest of the pack.”

Jason Damico

Actor / Musician

“I appreciate your time and energy. … you are doing really exciting and valuable work. Best of luck with your endeavors.”

Hon. Michael F. Easley

Former N.C. Governor

The North Carolina film and television industry owes a huge debt of gratitude to Eno River Media, who in 2013, without support from any other movie related organization, successfully advocated for a grant based industry incentive when the Legislature fully intended to eliminate any incentive for the industry.
Tony L. Adams

NC Lobbyist


Former First Lady of the United States