Eno River Media Volunteer Agreement

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Volunteer Code of Conduct

The Volunteer Code of Conduct (Code) is a statement of behavioral principles, expectations and ideals. It reflects how we respect and treat each other as members of Eno River Media and provides an ethos that guides our decision-making. It incorporates principles of justice and fairness setting up expectations of behavior within our media industry.

The Code is intended to motivate and assert values to which we can aspire. It is a “living” document reflecting the values of the past, guiding an ever emerging future and seeking ways to continuously improve all our activities.

It is a vision which aims to both explain the commitment of experienced members and to guide the induction of new Volunteers.

As Eno River Media Volunteers we uphold the concept of:

• Put safety first in all our activities
• Respect and use all equipment in the way in which it was intended
• Follow all procedures to the best of our ability at all times
• Promote healthy and safe work practices
• Recognize and congratulate those members who follow safe and caring practices
• Follow our duty of care to ourselves and others
• Report all injuries, illnesses, accidents and near misses immediately to the appropriate people
• Recognize that training is fundamental to our safety

• Respect the cultures, beliefs, opinions and decisions of others although we may not always agree
• Treat each other with courtesy, sensitivity, tact, consideration and humility
• Accept the Chain of Command and respect each other regardless of position
• Respect the Laws of the land as the basis for our behavior as ERMP Volunteers

• Value the trust we have in each other
• Seek to understand and appreciate each other’s abilities by working together and providing support
• Honor the confidentiality people place in us
• Integrity
• Endeavor to balance organizational and individual needs
• Give honest, constructive feedback and value the input of others
• Treat each other fairly

Honesty and Truthfulness
• Are truthful with our colleagues and ourselves
• Admit when we are wrong and accept responsibility for our actions
• Express our views openly and directly without fear or favor, with tact and in accordance with known, available facts

• Value our role in ensuring the safety of each other and the community
• Foster an environment of well being, happiness, health and prosperity
• Take care of, respect and support each other

• Demonstrate commitment to the goals of the organization
• Support, be faithful to and honor the integrity of the organization and its positions

Self Discipline
• Exercise self control in managing stress, anger and our behavior
• Know when to walk away
• Recognize our limitations and those of others
• Believe in doing a job the right way and with appropriate enthusiasm

Comradeship and Teamwork
• Rely on each other
• Have a bond that has grown through shared experiences over time
• Work together towards an identified and common goal
• Recognize and acknowledge each other’s skills and abilities
• Create an environment that is supportive and encouraging to all members
• Acknowledge that our combined efforts exceed the sum of our individual efforts
• Accept that there are differing roles within the team
• Promote participation and cooperation

• Share the load and provide encouragement to fellow members
• Offer sympathy and understanding when appropriate
• Help others achieve their endeavors and aspirations

• Value effective two-way communication
• Respect constructive comment and feedback
• Practice effective listening
• Are alert to non-verbal forms of communication
• Seek advice whenever appropriate

Leadership and Discipline
• Recognize the Chain of Command as part of our leadership structure
• Encourage non-confrontational leadership
• Give clear directions
• Lead in a responsible, patient and motivational manner
• Share leadership through delegation and empowerment
• Defuse conflict by focusing on the issues
• Act in a responsible manner at all times, both in and out of uniform
• Take pride in our actions and tasks being undertaken

• Acknowledge that commitment comes from within
• Guard against over commitment
• Do as much as we are able without detriment to ourselves or our families
• Share and promote the culture, purpose and objectives of Eno River Media

Equity and Diversity
• Provide fair access to training and development opportunities
• Treat all people as unique individuals and value their beliefs, opinions, knowledge and experiences
• Use appropriate language that will not offend others
• Actively discourage bullying, victimization or demeaning humor
• Assign roles according to talents and abilities
• Encourage people to achieve and grow
• Stand up for the rights of others as well as our own
• Recognize and congratulate the achievements of others
• Stand up for our rights and seek equitable solutions
• Value others irrespective of race, religion, color, age, gender or creed

Volunteer’s Pledge of Conduct

Volunteers play a critical role in the operation of our organization and their activities. Through their responsibilities the volunteer receives rewards such a personal development, recognition, feedback, a tie to North Carolina and their community and the personal satisfaction of helping others. In return the volunteer must be expected to conduct their efforts in a manner that will allow the values and goals of Eno River Media to be achieved. The following Pledge of Conduct has been developed to assist volunteers in achieving a level of behavior, which will allow Eno River Media volunteers to become well-rounded, self confident and productive human beings.

Volunteers have a Responsibility to:

1. Treat everyone fairly within the context of his or her activity, regardless of gender, place of origin, color, sexual orientation, religion, political belief or economic status.

2. Direct comments or criticism at the performance rather than the person.

3. Consistently display high personal standards and project a favorable image of Eno River Media and volunteering.

4. Refrain from public criticism of fellow volunteers.

5. Abstain from the use of tobacco products while in the presence of children.

6. Abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages when performing your volunteer duties.

7. Refrain from the use of profane, insulting, harassing or otherwise offensive language in the conduct of his/her duties.

8. Through proper risk management practices ensure that the activity being undertaken by both volunteers and participants is suitable for the age, experience, ability and fitness level of the individual and educate them as to their responsibilities in contributing to a safe environment.

9. Take the personal initiative to learn, respect, communicate and adhere to the rules and regulations established for Eno River Media.

10. Regularly seek ways of increasing professional development and self-awareness.

11. Attend to your volunteer duties, as directed, in a timely manner.

12. In the case of minors, communicate and cooperate with the parents or legal guardians, involving them in management decisions pertaining to their child’s development.

13. Ensure the safety of the people with whom they work.

14. Abide by the sexual abuse policy of Eno River Media .

15. Respect the dignity of others; verbal or physical behaviors that constitute harassment or abuse are unacceptable.

16. Never advocate or condone the use of drugs or other banned performance enhancing substances.

17. Never provide under age participants with alcohol.

18. Respect and adhere to Eno River Media rules, policies and guidelines that relate to volunteer activity and the program I serve;

19. Execute Eno River Media business in an ethical manner;

20. Preserve the confidentiality of information about program participants and Eno River Media internal affairs that has been entrusted to me;

21. Fulfill my assigned volunteer duties, including completion of required records or reports, in a timely manner;

22. Participate in required training programs and use the recommended policies and procedures;

23. Accept supervision and support from professional Eno River Media staff and/or management volunteers;

24. Respect and uphold the rights and dignity of all staff, other volunteers and all individuals who participate in Eno River Media programs recognizing that people’s values , beliefs, customs, and strengths differ;

25. Encourage participation of and respect for individuals of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives;

26. Commit no illegal or abusive act;

27. Follow child protection guidelines;

28. Refrain from the use of alcohol and inappropriate language, especially in the presence of minors and, never attend or participate in a Eno River Media activity or event under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances;

29. Use tobacco products only where legally permitted and refrain from the use of tobacco products while conducting or assisting in any Eno River Media program or in other group situations that may glamorize such use in the eyes of young people;

30. Bring no firearm to any Eno River Media program except when essential to the purposes of the program;

31. Use any potentially dangerous item in accordance with the safety procedures prescribed for the program;

32. Report all unsafe conditions and accidents to professional Eno River Media staff as soon as possible;

33. Handle any computers, machinery, equipment, vehicles or other Eno River Media property that has been entrusted to me in a safe and responsible manner;

34. Observe all state and federal laws with respect to power equipment and minors.

35. Acknowledge and support proper and authorized uses of computing and communications resources.

36. Honor property rights including copyrights and patents and honor confidentiality.

37. Give proper credit for intellectual property.

38. Representation: Volunteers should represent Eno River Media in a helpful, friendly and professional manner at all times. Our existence and effectiveness is dependent upon the goodwill of the community. The image people form of the organization may be based on their contact with volunteers. For this reason, it is important for volunteers to always represent Eno River Media in a positive manner and promote the beliefs and practices of the organization.

39. Media Contact: The image that Eno River Media holds in our community is strongly affected by our portrayal in the media. For that reason it is extremely important that the media receives accurate and appropriate information regarding Eno River Media. At no time should a volunteer contact or address the media without prior approval from the Producer or Executive Producer. Any volunteer who does not receive prior approval may be asked to resign. Any volunteer that has received permission to contact the media but does not portray Eno River Media in the appropriate manner by words or actions may be asked to resign.

40. Attendance and Commitment: Due to the amount of time it takes to properly train each volunteer, we ask that all volunteers agree to at least eight months of service to the organization. For most of the volunteer programs, volunteers are assigned a schedule by a Director and are required to follow that schedule. Volunteers who are unable to make a scheduled shift are expected to contact the Director as soon as possible. Several unexcused absences will result in the volunteer being asked to resign. Volunteers are also required to keep track of their service hours on logs via the ERMP.TV website. Volunteers should inform their Director if they need to resign their position.

41. Accidents and Injuries: Any accidents or injuries occurring on the job must be reported to the Director immediately. After staff has been notified, the Director may take the volunteer to the Emergency Room for proper treatment if appropriate.

42. Attire: Volunteers must wear appropriate attire at all times. No cut-off shorts, no halter-tops and no clothes with offensive language. Clothes should be clean and neat and presentable to the public. All volunteers must wear nametags at all times.

43. Memorandums: Volunteers are requested to check email everyday for memos and policy updates. It is also important for volunteers to read all Eno River Media emails. These are the primary means of publicizing events and training, advertising new volunteer opportunities, clarifying or changing policies, and noting changes in procedure.

44. I have read and understand the above statements and agree to conduct myself in a manner that demonstrates the standards established in the Volunteers Code of Conduct.

Sexual Abuse Policy Code of Conduct


Sexual abuse is the exploitation of a volunteer or client or the close relative of a current volunteer or client (e.g. spouse/partner, dependent children, parent of a volunteer or client), particularly within a sexual context. It can never be acceptable and constitutes unethical behavior.

The term “sexual relationship” is not restricted to sexual intercourse but may include any form of conduct which has as its purpose some form of sexual gratification, or may be reasonably construed by the volunteer or client and/or the close relative of a current volunteer or client as having that purpose.

Exploitation of a volunteer or client is an abuse of power. Because of the power imbalance, volunteer or client consent is not considered a defense.

Degrees of Sexual Abuse

Varying degrees of sexual abuse are acknowledged within the broad definition. Other authorities have divided sexual abuse into three categories, viz sexual impropriety, sexual transgression and sexual violation.

Sexual impropriety means any behavior such as gestures or expressions that are sexually demeaning to a volunteer or client, or which demonstrate a lack of respect for the volunteer or client’s privacy, including but not exclusively:

• Inappropriate disrobing or inadequate draping practices

• Inappropriate comments about or to the volunteer or client such as making sexual comments about the volunteer or client’s body or underclothing

• Making sexualized or sexually demeaning comments to a volunteer or client

• Ridicule of the volunteer or client’s sexual orientation

• Any conversation regarding the sexual problems, preferences or fantasies

• Sexual transgression includes any inappropriate touching of a volunteer or client that is of a sexual nature, short of sexual violation, including but not exclusively:

• Touching of breasts or genitals

• Inappropriate touching of other parts of the body can also be construed as sexual transgression

• Proposing a sexual relationship to a volunteer or client

Sexual violation means sexual activity whether or not initiated by the volunteer or client, including:

• Masturbation or clitoral stimulation

• Other forms of genital or other sexual connection

NOTE: It will be appreciated that actions within the definitions of sexual transgression and sexual violation may contravene the law and invoke criminal charges in the event of non-consent. The important distinction is that ethical considerations apply whether there has been consent or not.

Safety and Protection

To avoid any misunderstandings or inappropriate conduct the volunteer or client should employ the following safeguards:

• Provide adequate information and explanation which helps to avoid misunderstandings and misinterpretation

• Honor confidentiality

• Maintain proper appointment systems

• Provide suitable facilities with screens for undressing, draping

• Be aware of what is culturally acceptable to volunteers or clients, especially those of a different race or religion

• Never use sexually demeaning words or actions or jokes in doubtful taste

• Refrain from undue familiarity

• Get help early for personal crises

• Do not involve volunteers or clients in personal problems

• Consult with colleagues about difficult situations

• Employ strong support systems and self monitoring

Complaints Procedures

At present, any complaint regarding breaches of the current ethical rules can be made to the Executive Director of Eno River Media.

If made to Executive Director, the complaint is referred to the President of the Board of Directors who shall deal with it as appropriate. The President has customarily referred to the full Board of Directors those complaints, which could attract a penalty of suspension or registration or removal from the Chamber of Commerce register.

Computer Utilization Code of Conduct

• The use of Eno River Media resources is a privilege. The resources have always been, and will remain, the property of the Eno River Media.

• It is your responsibility to promptly report any violation of this policy or other Eno River Media code, policy or guideline. In addition, you must report any information relating to a flaw in or bypass of resource security to the Executive Director.

• Reports of unauthorized use or misuse of the resources will be investigated pursuant to standard Eno River Media procedures. All illegal activities will be reported to local, state or federal authorities, as appropriate, for investigation and prosecution.

Prohibited Activities:

• Use of workstations for illegal or criminal purposes or to seek access to unauthorized areas

• Infringement of copyright and other intellectual property rights

• Subverting or attempting to subvert any security devices in either software or hardware format

• Attempting to install viruses or other programs designed to damage or alter software

• Theft of, vandalizing, damaging or altering equipment, software or configurations

• Sending unsolicited commercial material or “spamming”

• Misrepresenting oneself as another user

• Attempting to modify or gain access to files, passwords or data belonging to others

• Transmitting unsolicited information that contains obscene, indecent, lewd or lascivious material or other material, which explicitly or implicitly refers to sexual conduct.

• Using e-mail or newsgroups to threaten or stalk someone.

• Transmitting unsolicited information that contains profane language or panders to bigotry, sexism, or other forms of prohibited discrimination.

• Interference or impairment to the activities of others:

• Creating, modifying, executing or retransmitting any computer program or instructions intended to: (1) obscure the true identity of the sender of electronic mail or electronic messages, such as the forgery of electronic mail or the alteration of system or user data used to identify the sender of electronic e-mail; (2) bypass, subvert, or otherwise render ineffective the security or access control measures on any network or computer system without the permission of the owner; or (3) examine or collect data from the network (e.g., a “network sniffer” program).

• Authorizing another person or organization to use your computer accounts or Eno River Media network resources. You are responsible for all use of your accounts. You must take all reasonable precautions, including password maintenance and file protection measures, to prevent use of your account by unauthorized persons. You must not share your password with anyone else or provide access to Eno River Media network resources to unauthorized persons.

• Communicating or using any password, personal identification number, credit card number or other personal or financial information without the permission of its owner.

• Unauthorized access and use of the resources of others:

• Use of Eno River Media resources to gain unauthorized access to resources of this or other institutions, organizations, or individuals.

• Use of false or misleading information for the purpose of obtaining access to unauthorized resources.

• Accessing, altering, copying, moving, or removing information, proprietary software or other files (including programs, libraries, data and electronic mail) from any network system or files of other users without prior authorization (e.g., use of a “network sniffer” program).

• Making unauthorized copies of copyrighted materials. You should assume all software, graphic images, music, and the like are copyrighted. Copying or downloading copyrighted materials without the authorization of the copyright owner is against the law, and may result in civil and criminal penalties, including fines and imprisonment.

• Damage or impairment of Eno River Media resources:

• Use of any resource irresponsibly or in a manner that adversely affects the work of others. This includes intentionally, recklessly or negligently (1) damaging any system (e.g., by the introduction of any so-called “virus”, “worm”, or “trojan-horse” program), (2) damaging or violating the privacy of information not belonging to you, or (3) misusing or allowing misuse of system resources.

• Use of Eno River Media resources for non- Eno River Media related activities that unduly increase network load (e.g., chain mail, network games and spamming).

• Unauthorized commercial activities:

• Using Eno River Media resources for one’s own commercial gain, or for other commercial purposes not officially approved by the Eno River Media, including web ads.
• Using Eno River Media resources to operate or support a non-Eno River Media related business.

• Use of Eno River Media resources in a manner inconsistent with the Eno River Media’s contractual obligations to suppliers of those resources or with any published Eno River Media policy.

• Violation of city, state or federal laws:

• Pirating software, music and images.

• Effecting or receiving unauthorized electronic transfer of funds.

• Disseminating child pornography or other obscene material.

• Violating any laws or participating in the commission or furtherance of any crime or other unlawful or improper purpose.

Notification and Reporting of Theft of Property

Eno River Media members are expected to respect the property of the Organization and of others. Malicious destruction, destruction through pranks, and destructive behavior while under the influence of intoxicants or drugs, and theft of personal or Eno River Media property is prohibited. Eno River Media is based on trust. Generally, members trust each other and deserve to be trusted. If something is stolen, a theft report should be filled out with the Executive Director. This report will be turned over to the Executive Director who will conduct an investigation if necessary. If an Eno River Media member is caught stealing, he/she will be punished according to established disciplinary actions.

To this end, Eno River Media may employ the full force of the State of North Carolina’s Criminal Code to deter such theft. Enforcement measures may include the levying of fines, discontinuation of membership, demanding full payment for replacement equipment or material, the recording of liens for unpaid fines and fees, and/or any other measure allowed by law. In extremely egregious cases, deterrence measures may include the filing of criminal charges.

It shall be the responsibility of every Eno River Media Staff Member to be vigilant for instances of theft. Authority to implement and interpret this policy is delegated to the Senior Staff and the Executive Director.

The theft of Eno River Media materials compromises the Eno River Media collection, deprives other Eno River Media members of materials, and constitutes both an act of theft and a lack of Organization loyalty.

Media Pass Policy

The Media Pass is on loan and is the property of Eno River Media. The Media Pass remains the property of Eno River Media and shall be surrendered at the request of an ERMP Safety and Security Officer. Any violation of the laws of the State of North Carolina or The United States of America or any misuse or violation of the conditions of the Media Pass shall be reason for revocation of the Media Pass. The person whose photo is on the media pass must use the Media Pass. The Media Pass is not transferable and may not be used by anyone other than the volunteer to whom it is issued. Each volunteer must continuously correctly display the Media Pass issued to that volunteer while on duty with Eno River Media. Volunteers are prohibited from wearing their Media Pass when off duty. Unauthorized use will result in the revocation and future non-issuance of credentials. Those Media Pass holders who volunteer or involuntarily terminate their association with Eno River Media must turn in all Eno River Media property, including their Media Pass immediately. Lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed Media Passes must be reported to the Executive Director immediately.