It’s Autumn! At Eno River Media Production, Fall ushers in our annual Crafty Award season and we need your help for it’s success!
What is the Crafty Award?
The North Carolina Craft Services and Catering Award (Crafty Award) for the 2013 season is an award given out each year in several categories. This year the categories are French, Asian, Indian, Brunch/Lunch, Outdoor Dining, and Hotel Dining. These awards are nominated by industry professionals in North Carolina, given by the body of the organization and are judged by industry professionals from the county you are located. The entries do not compete against each other, but rather they are judged based upon a “high standard of merit”.
Conceived to foster economic and culinary development within the film and television industry of North Carolina through an annual election, the contest culminates in the presentation of the Crafty Award. Our mission is to showcase an array of talented food industry businesses that eagerly support our state’s growing film and television industry.
Members of ERMP and the North Carolina film and television industry, affiliated industries, and their families are allowed to nominate for a final yearly winner in selected categories for restaurants within the state of North Carolina that have proudly and professionally served those patrons mentioned above in the past year during their participation with a movie or television project or during the normal conduct of business.
How to nominate?
It’s simple!
Go to the ERMP website at
Click on the main ERMP banner in the middle of the page
When you click on the banner options drop down.
On the drop down menu, click on the Award Show option
Under the Awards Banner, click on the Crafty Awards option
Scroll down a bit and there is a yellow nominate button. 
After you click the nominate button, please fill out the fields and hit submit at the end.
NOTE: The nomination period is from 10/23/2013 To 11/23/2013
Thank you for your participation!
Anthony Dowling
Executive Director