Anthony Dowling, Executive Director for Eno River Media Production, headquartered in Raleigh, NC, announced Monday afternoon the new members of the Board of Directors for Eno River Media.


LaMont Johnson

Board of Directors

LaMont L. Johnson, a NC native from Raleigh, is founder and CEO of Chieko Alice LLC, a feature film and TV Series Development Company. LaMont has over 30 years’ experience in Marketing, Sales, Business Consulting, Special Events Management and Production Services, with numerous special events and concert credits. Events include: Video Production, commercials, and sound services for the 1986 US Olympic Festival and fund raising events for the United Way of Central North Carolina.

In 2005, LaMont founded Holley Johnson Inc., an event management company specializing in corporate clients. He was instrumental in the development of concerts and major events for notable clients including The Streets at Southpoint, in Durham NC, a General Growth Property. The company under LaMont’s leadership grew to managing over one thousand concerts and events including performances by Lighthouse, and Grammy Award winner The Paul Winter Consort. LaMont’s experience also includes marketing design, event marketing, production management and producer for special events.

In 2009, LaMont returned to film production as Executive Producer for the film short “The No Hitter” and “For The Love of Rose” and is Executive Producer, or Producer on numerous projects including “The Head Game”, “Bobby Champion”, and “A Praying Grandmother: The Helen Baylor Story.” His company Chieko Alice LLC is the Distribution Company for the feature films: “The Means” and “Because You’re Too Nice.” LaMont’s Specialties include: Marketing/PR, Film Producer, Film Development, Event Production Services, Sales Negotiation, Film and Special Event Producer.

LaMont joined ERMP in February 2014.


Ron Cooper

Board of Directors

Ron Cooper is the founder of Kaleigh Group Entertainment and the Indie Spotlight Network. He is an actor at heart but a business man on the surface. He was born in Durham, NC. He has an Associate’s degree in Marketing and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Cooper has lived in Pitt County for over 25 years. He has always called Pitt County home. Joining the Army after graduating from High School, Cooper was stationed in Europe. He practiced various martial arts while in the service and obtained his black belt rankings while being on a Military Emergency Reactionary Force. He entered and won several martial arts competitions.

After returning home he became involved with community plays and enjoyed the live audience. He expanded into films. This is where he began to understand the independent film industry. Continuing to enjoy being in front of the camera he began to notice some of the short comings on the business side of the industry.

With the intent to correct those weaknesses for his fellow professionals, Cooper channeled his focus and discipline from his military and martial arts days and combined it with experiences learned in the industry and founded Kaleigh Group Entertainment. It’s the sole purpose is to help those in the industry, both in front and behind the camera, to succeed in this crazy industry.


Les Butchart

Board of Directors

Les Butchart was born in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1955. He graduated from Grimsley High School in 1973. Les subsequently graduated from University of North Carolina in 1977 with a focus on psychology, creative writing, and filmmaking. His career guided him into writing. He has been a writer and novelist since the first day he was able to write a complete sentence.

Les started working with Artisan Media Group in Greensboro, NC in 2001 to the present. Les has always been intrigued by the movie and entertainment (print) industry. He is working on a film marketing and web content company called New River Releasing.

Mr. Butchart has a great yearning for knowledge and the arts. His passion for writing and film is only surpassed by his care for his family.

Les joined ERMP in Spring of 2015.


About ERMP

Eno River Media Production, established in March 1999, is dedicated to educate, facilitate and advocate the growth of the movie and television industry in North Carolina.

ERMP will accomplish this mission by educating, facilitating, nurturing and uniting independent North Carolina film and video makers, allied industries, civic and governmental organizations by propagating a network of industry professionals.