Greetings Friends New and Old,
As many of you may know, I have been serving as Interim Executive Director for The Peoples Channel and Durham Community Media since March. I am excited and humbled to inform you that our Board of Directors have elected to formally appoint me as the leader of our wonderful organization. I started out as a volunteer with TPC back in 2003 assisting with studio productions for NC Indy Media, and from there my role and responsibilities grew. From instructor, Communications Director, Graphic Designer, Webmaster, Programming Director… I have seen much and learned even more. I have developed many strong relationships over the years that I hope will only expand as I move TPC/DCM forward into a new era.
This new era is defined by the introduction of HD production equipment, streamlining courses we provide for that equipment, and a simplified process of how we receive the content that our amazing communities create. Our budget for 2013-2014 has been approved and movement has all ready begun to offer these advancements to our members.
With exciting growth in some areas… there will always be some pain felt in others. We have had to let a few staff members go as we move toward this new era. It’s never easy, but required for the long-term health of the organization. Other areas where we will be making adjustments are as follows:
– Hours of Operation
TPC will have new hours beginning Tuesday Sept 3rd:
Office Hours 11am – 3pm
This is time for the TPC/DCM team to work towards improving the services we provide though meetings and education for staff. During these hours, staff will receive phone calls for equipment/edit bay reservations and general questions.
Studio Hours 3pm – 7pm
Our studio hours are the time for producers to use our facilities. From equipment pick up/drop off to editing and studio recording.
The above times are Tuesday – Friday. 
The TPC Saturday Studio hours will be 10am – 2pm.
DCM will also have an adjustment in hours. As of Sept 3rd, DCM will be open:
Wednesday and Thursday 3pm – 7pm
Saturday 10am – 2pm
These adjustments weren’t easy decisions to make. We plan to diligently monitor the effectiveness of these adjustments throughout the year. A public survey will be conducted to allow our members an opportunity to voice the impact of our new hours and on the progress we’ve made. This survey will serve as a tool for organizational reassessment and guide TPC/DCM for the future.
– Membership Fees
Membership fees are vital to a unique organization like TPC/DCM.  These fees enable us to provide you with the tools and services you require as a producer. With the media landscape changing in significant ways, we will be adjusting the membership fees in order to keep up with these trends.  The increase will be effective immediately.
Individual memberships will be $50.
Organizational memberships (includes membership for up to 6 people) will be $125. 
(Note: If you are representing an organization or community group, please sign up for an Organizational membership.)
Educational memberships (includes membership for up to 12 people) will be $250
If you are an existing member, the above fees will be due by your current expiration date. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your membership.
Another difficult decision, but these fees have remained at the same level for many years. We’re now asking for more support from our members that will prove to be mutually beneficial. As we begin to introduce HD technology into our classes and availability for use by our members, think of how you can really improve the quality of the content you create through TPC/DCM. You help us make that happen.
– Programming Submission… Good News!
We have had a policy regarding program submission for those producers who air content on both TPC and DCM. Separate DVDs had to be received at each location. No longer! We now only require 1 DVD for your dual submission at your preferred location.
Even if you don’t broadcast your program on both stations, you can still drop off DVDs at the location most convenient for you! We do require that all of our labeling requirements be met.
Look for more information on this very soon.
In closing, we are on the precipice of significant change. I am honored and energized not only by the staff (past and present) and our Board of Directors, but more so the communities we serve… You! Your engagement in your First Amendment right using TPC/DCM as a platform for your voice makes us who we are. We will succeed because you make it happen!
Warm Regards,
Jeremy Taylor
Executive Director
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